About Us

About Techno Technology

  • Techno Technology was founded in 2014, as a used electronics Recycle and Data Destruction company. Today, we continue to specialize in used electronics Recycle and Data Destruction. It is the mission of Techno Technology to not only focus on growing professionally, but to also strive to put customers first by giving them individualized attention through recognizing their expectations and tending to their needs.

Services include:

  • Recycle and Data Destruction

  • Recycle End of Life electronics

  • Data Destruction included DOD

  • Customer Portal for Transparency and Tracking

  • Agile Planning for Worldwide Project Task Execution


What does Techno Technology provide? We provide a wide variety of services, including, recycle end of Life electronics, Data Destruction including DOD for all our customers. We also lend our services to small businesses and large enterprises by taking obsolete networks and disposing of obsolete electronic computer equipment. The most important part about Techno Technology is that we care for ALL our customers’ technological needs and we will continue to work tirelessly to bring quality technology products to your home or business.



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